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When installing the new custom pulley there are a few things I would like to share with you. The pulley gets mounted with the cut out groove in the teeth to the outside. There is one mounting hole centered on one spoke on the pulley. If you look at the wheel, you will find a mounting stud that is also centered. Line up the two and your pulley and wheel windows will line up perfectly. You can also stagger them by turning the pulley off one mounting bolt. The choice will be yours depending on the look you like. When mounting the pulley, you can use the stock nuts and washers. You can also get chrome nylok nuts and washers, or you can use chrome acorn nuts with chrome lock washers. When using the acorn nuts, you must use lock washers and blue locktite(Very Important). You can get this harware from www.dmpolish.com or call (818)775-9804. The bolt size is 10mm with a 1.25 pitch. You torque the nuts at 51 foot lbs. When adjusting the belt, you adjust the belt so it rides in the center of the rear pulley. The adjusting marks on the swing arms may not line up the same on both sides when the belt centers, thats ok. After installing the rear pulley, I had the bike radared and the speedo was corrected by 4 mph. This pulley runs quiet, flawless, and the look is awesome. You will enjoy this pulley on your bike.

DONOT over tighten drive belt as this is hard on the transmission output shaft bearing and can cause the bearing to overheat, causing failure. To properly adjust belt, use the sight hole in the belt guard with 10 pounds of force in center of belt. The belt should flex downward approximately 3/8 inch with equal air gap on each side of belt at rear pulley.

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